Trade with China – Sept 21

Sept 21 event


Great Opportunity to Gain Insights and Connect with Other Executives doing Business between US and China

  • Networking. Meet other executives doing business Globally and with China
  • Insights into the latest business and consumer trends in China
  • Best practices to save time and money when doing business with China
  • Cross border trade trends and opportunities
  • Sourcing products? Learn what Canton Fair can offer and how to
    maximize opportunities
  • Exporting products or services? Learn about CIIE opportunities to gain exposure for brands and services, and meet potential trade partners

Trade With China - September 21st Los Angeles

Registration for the "Trade with China - New Business Opportunities" conference for the China Export and Import Fairs - Sept 21, 444 S. Flower Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Los Angeles, CA 90071
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