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The Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship(IECE) and California STEP have been at the cutting-edge offering access and education to California SMEs seeking to expand their exports utilizing global digital marketing and e- commerce tools in China and S.E. Asia. In 2017, California STEP introduced the first pilot program in the United States with a major Chinese e-commerce company, JD.Com. The U.S. Select Store Program, partially subsidized by California STEP, provided a full-service program allowing SMEs to on board up to 5 SKU’s on a special U.S. Select Store landing page embedded on (the 2nd largest e-commerce company in China)The new CBEC Asia project partially funded by a U.S. Department of Commerce Market Development Cooperator Grant, , will be led by Jeff Williamson and Mark Matsumoto who have successfully managed multiple Market Development Cooperator programs including: ETEC, VETEC, CA-CEBIT. Williamson and Matsumoto have actively sought out and established direct relationships with leading cross border e-commerce platforms in Asia, including Alibaba( and,, JD-Central,, and others. CBEC Asia will leverage a strong eco-system of government and industry resources to ensure access to the most cost-effective, low-risk tools to begin or expand exporting leveraging cross border e-commerce.

Pioneering Cross Border E-Commerce Solutions in Asia for SME’s since 2017

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