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CBEC Asia provides qualified companies (verified 51% U.S. content of product or service) a comprehensive set of education resources, 1-to-1 consultation,  in-person and remote training, and direct facilitation in the  on-boarding and promotion of brands through cross border e-commerce.

Stage 1

All participating companies will receive a proprietary Cross Border E-Commerce Readiness Assessment TM

Stage 2

Participating companies will be eligible to join specialized education and training events including:

  • In-Person Seminars
  • Zoom Training Sessions with special industry speakers
  • 1-to-1 Consulting sessions with CBEC Asia Team

Stage 3

Qualified companies will receive special grant funding to help facilitate on-boarding of their branded products on a leading cross border e-commerce platform.   Selected companies will receive full support to on-board on one or more leading e-commerce platforms in China and S.E. Asia.   Participating companies will also have access to social media marketing resources and brand development opportunities at very reduced costs.

CBEC Asia offers a set of proprietary resources that are not readily available U.S. SME’s including:

  • Cross Border E-Commerce Readiness Assessment TM
  • Cross Border E-Commerce Brand Blueprint Kit TM
  • Digital Asset Development Kit TM
  • International Digital Asset and Piracy Prevent Support- in coordination with U.S. Department of Commerce/United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Access to latest cross border e-commerce market research
  • Group marketing opportunities on leading Asia Social Media including access to Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs)/Industry Brand Influencers

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